Unclog the Clog
Umatter2godandus   -  

Living by Faith in the middle of a crisis like we are currently are experiencing can seem impossible.  It is even more laughable to think that we are supposed to have joy in the midst of all that is happening.  Jesus tells us that it is actually impossible for us to live with joy when we are in the center of the storm.  So what are we to do?

We can try to practice positive thinking.  We may dream of our happy place.  We may even try to escape by watching T.V., and these may give us temporary joy, but it never gives us the sustainable joy that Jesus offers to us.

Remember God uses crisis, circumstances, to not only reveal our character but also to help us see the condition of our heart.  The ability to express joy even when the world is as chaotic as our world is right now telling us a lot about our hearts.