Look in the Mirror
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God is in the restoration, renewing, and resurrecting business.  That is what we Christians do because we are created in God’s image.

When you are doubting your ability to start over it is vitally important that you take time to look in the mirror.  When you look in the mirror I don’t want you to look at your face, I want you to look at your eyes.  Your facial features, your hairline (or lack of ) is a distraction.  Look for the colors in your eyes.  If your vision is strained, then it may take you a bit longer, but you will see what I know is there.  The eyes are the gateway to seeing God’s image in you.

The image of God that is within you, that which is your DNA is designed for you to create relationships with other people.

You were created to be in community and to create community.  You were actually created to be a friend maker.  If you don’t know how look in the mirror, look in your eyes and see God looking at you through His eyes.