Let God Out
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Today I want you to experience the power of James’ words, “Come near to God and He will come near to you” (James 4:8) through a spiritual practice called Lectio Divinia.  Before I share this practice with you let me explain to you the goal of this practice.  This spiritual practice is intended to guide you in reading scripture in a certain way to read scripture not for information, but for transformation.  Scripture is meant to be read like a love letter.  When we read scripture many of us read with our minds.   

I have always approached the Bible from an analytical mindset.  God says love me with your mind, but He also says, love me with your heart.  When we read the Bible with only our head we end up living a boring and lifeless faith.  Likewise, when we read the Bible with only our hearts, we end up confused, hurt, and disappointed.  We must learn to read and listen to the Bible with both our heads and heart.

Lectio Divinia is a spiritual practice that will allow us to do both.  There are four movements to this practice: