Our Mission

We take seriously our privilege of serving as SALT and LIGHT in the world. We embrace with open hearts, open minds, and open hands our responsibility to serve others the way Jesus served. 

We define “Others” by saying we are a church that is intentional about WELCOMING ALL PEOPLE regardless of ages, nations, races, classes, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, and abilities.  In addition, we believe ALL people should be allowed to participate FULLY in all aspects of ministry here at First United Methodist Church.

Our Vision

We believe that God intends to use First United Methodist Church of Fort Pierce to demonstrate that love really does conquer every evil, injustice, and acts of oppression that has manifested itself in today’s society.

We believe our purpose for existing in Fort Pierce is to diligently and strategically emphasize the message that ALL people matter to God.

We are a church where people from all walks of life immediately have a sense of welcome and belonging when they join us for worship.

For many people attending First United Methodist Church of Fort Pierce this will be their first experience of being in a place where they are truly seen, heard, and understood.

We stand boldly by our charge to lead people to live in the world not as broken, hurting, discouraged people, but to live as beloved sons and daughters of God.

We intend to help people see themselves not as they currently are, but to see themselves the way God intends for them to be seenAS MASTERPIECES.

We are intentional about being passionate, devoted followers of Jesus Christ informed by our Wesleyan Heritage.